Fremantle recording artist 'Martofreo' is out to make one hell of a statement with his carefully crafted yet 'full of feel' debut album 'Roads'. Genuine musical navigation and honest songwriting couldn't have come more naturally for Dean Amato whose body of work took inspiration from a journey that lasted 12 months and took in 46,000 kilometres around the most regional and remote destinations of Australia.

Championing a 'modern vintage' sound that often lands between a hybrid of alternative and roots rock.

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Black & Bone

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Let Her Grow

Verse 1

Blanket of stars are the life in which we've become.

Air in our lungs and the power from her sun.

She holds no grudge even if we bring her end.

So time to show and now know that on us she depends.

Pre chorus

Save, your soul, from the old, now let her grow.


Have you seen our world today, dose she make you feel what could be,

We are powerless alone, so its time to let her grow.

Verse 2

Devils are ruling her blood and the life that she shares

Most of the world lets her bleed and they dont seem to care.

Let her grow, on her own, we can.

Won't Let You Down

Verse 1

I know that your feeling something unreasoning but it is ok to cry.

Your heart is not opening as well as disowning a love that you miss in your life.


Please dont let life pass you by,

Spread your wings and you shall fly,

Dont be scared im on your side,

All i ask is dont lose that smile.

Verse 2

A tide pulls you under that makes your mind wonder but you will soon see again,

your beauty is peaceful your kindness will now pull strength to carry on.


One day you will surly see, that fear is something you dont need,

When your down ill lend a hand, ill be your friend,

And know that I wont let you down, no I wont let you down.

Blind Side

Verse 1

Rivers to flow and the moons to shine our planet gives but its people die.

We call on a thought that is not even real to stop all theses wars that cause killing fields.

Turn your head into the warming sun its light and its wrays treat us all as one.

Love is now bought and our chaos is free a blind eye we turn to reality.

Why must we be scared outside our doors, for I wish to live in fear no more.

But all theses guns and bombs and violence that we all ignore,

So we have no one but our very selves to blame.


How did we let our world get this bad, its so damn sad but i believe, that love is all we need.

Marto 3.15

Verse 1

Why live from your knees to accept the fact humans are a disease.

Call it what you will to ease your own mind or you just pop a pill.

Do not point your righteous finger at me you hypocritical man.

If my blood turns black from your paragraphs then i will feel attacked.


Let me now be the one to show, you how to lie steal and head for below.

For I am crazy and insane but I'm just a human, a crazy human.

Verse 2

Have you seen it all from some ones shoulders and claimed to be involved.

So don't pretend to act like you wrote this script for those ones who lack.

Why don't you go and hang yourself from a limb that you know will break.

But I will lay in bed knowing that my soul will live ahead.



Well I'm not leaving here today just because I did not pray, for I am here but not alone for I am just one crazy human, a crazy human.

Lovin' Dogs

Chorus 1

Catdog, little miss Catdog, I'm gonna get some love from you little miss Catdog.

Now I said Catdog little miss Catdog I'm gonna get some love from you little miss Catdog.

Verse 1

See you laying on that grass outside of ya home, chewing on that thing you love chewing on that bone.

You tend to sleep on your bean bag all through the day, I guess you are marsupial cause the night times when you play.

Chorus 1


I say Jarrah dog sexy Mr Jarrah dog yeah I cut a lot of lawn with you sexy Mr Jarrah dog, now I said Jarrah dog sexy Mr Jarrah dog yeah I cut a lot of lawn with you sexy Mr Jarrah dog.

Verse 2

In the back of my work Ute you use to sit, looking like a movie star sexy as Brad Pitt.

You use to bark at everything and give me the shits, but fuck you were a good work dog and I loved you to bits.

Chorus 2

Verse 3

Now there was this other dog he was big smart and mean, toughest mother fuckin dog that you have ever seen.

No body would fuck with him on his side of the fence, well he loved and protected me until his last breath.

Chorus 3

Now I say Chevy boy that big old Chevy I got alot of love from you that big old chevy boy. Now I say Chevy boy that big old Chevy I got alot of love from you that big old chevy boy.

Now I say lovin dogs you 3 beautiful lovin dogs I got alot of love from you, you 3 lovin dogs. Now I say lovin dogs you 3 beautiful lovin dogs I got alot of love from you, you 3 beautiful lovin dogs yeah!!


Verse 1

I feel the sun on my face as a life passes by, they say that speech is freedom but actions break our molds. Feel my sandy feet as I watch waves roll, Yolo well let you take us to where this song will grow.


Well I am leaving my yesterday, watch it float up in my wake, I'll live each day as I please just to feel that sweet freedom breeze, that freedom breeze.

Verse 2

All of the veins in my arms are no longer held, a life without your fake debt unlocks me from its hell. The wind is getting strong but still nothing falls. I'll let the road guide my way and lead me through this day.



Free you mind and leave it all behind. Share your dreams and chase that sweet freedom breeze that freedom breeze.

Purer Air

Verse 1

Share my wisdom, listen to this, stop for nothing, free that last kiss, coping grey eyes fail to sublease, make no mistake sexy release.

Pre Chorus

Silent fire, heart of gold you own, simple learning, no lock will this hold.


See your eyes above ahead your smile will get me there, some break but I see no end for our life of purer air, purer air.

Verse 2

Foolish humans think of nothing, your neediness gives me something.

Do not break lines or flea at hard time lovely noises are not bad crimes.

Pre chorus


Kill The Lies

Verse 1

From the day that your born were taught what is right and what is wrong.

But are theses lessons true or just one mans point of view gone wrong so wrong.


Are you sick of nine to five.

Why must we pick a side.

Do you feel that all of that we hide will kill the lies, kill the lies.

Verse 2

I want to yell out to all the ones who live in doubt, we all have a voice to use and explain is our choice, out loud so proud.


Fuck Up Polly

Verse 1

We put our trust into you and give all our youth.

You fool us with your strong words and call it the truth.


Go on and swallow your pride and just admit the fact that you lie to all the human beings that you need to make your campaign seem real.

Fuck up polly.

Verse 2

You've had the run of this world and what have you done.

We are now nothing but slaves in a web that you've spun.



We all cant wait for you to lose your place and crawl on your knees so we can all spit in your face for you mean nothing.


Humans Insult

Verse 1

Shake it down to your both knees and feel the sway

Let the leaves on your own tree inhale the breeze

Once the land is powerless you ll start to cry

Will we ever learn my friend that were the end.

Pre Chorus

I'm never letting go, feel my winters, are not so cold, when have you to hold.


I've let it in and I've let it out and now it's time to face all of the things that I fear and doubt.

I'm not even I'm not even about to walk upon something that I can not control, humans insult intelligence.

Verse 2

Honestly the pain ahead will strike the eye.

Apprehend your mindless time and share this this slide.

Comprehend your only fate and you ll depend.

Now shake this and call it in to all its worth.

Pre chorus


Free To Be

Verse 1

Feel my heart ache, not knowing which path to take.

When I dream I dream of you.

I feel it in my soul your all I knew.

Pre chorus

Your love and laughter will last forever, I've always know this so now I must confess.


I'm falling for you like I never thought I could.

My heart cant say goodbye no matter how hard I try.

You are the one from my past who takes away my mask, now I'm free to be myself, now that I'm with you.

Now that I'm with you I'm free to be..

Verse 2

See your heart break.

Now that I notice my mistake.

Now I breathe I breathe for you.

I feel it in my bones your all I knew.

Pre chorus


Recorded and produced by Adam Round & Dean Amato

All songs written by Dean Amato

Dean Amato Vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, drums

Adam Round Drums & percussion

Chris Mackenzie Lead guitars

Jaxon Boin Bass guitar

Tone Bourke Keys

Harry Harrison Hand percussion

Christina Katsimbardis Violins

Emma Vanderwal Cello